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I don't know where people's logic have gone but wouldn't it make sense if you have one roleplay chat for general fun roleplaying wouldn't you have another one just the NC-17 rated stuff? As it is there's a private part of the forum just for NC-17 rated stuff. Because really it makes no sense to change my characters age from 14 to 18 because on the forum she is 14 and not the only teenager hell it's Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles having teens is a given.

So it just rubs me wrong way to change that in the chat when it can be solved to have one just for sex or just not have sex at all except in the pm system or in the NC-17 part of the forum. Hell my character has no access to that part of the board that's real easy to do.

Maybe I'm thinking to logically or not but it really makes no sense hell there isn't even an age limit or anything about this board is 18+ only same with the chat.
Me and my mom have been looking for a kitten for around four months and finally found one that fits for our family. Only when my mom saw the picture of the two remaining kittens in the litter she decided that we would get both of them because she couldn't pick between them. But they're not quite old enough to leave their mom just yet so we have to wait to bring them home. We already got the stuff that they need but it's the waiting to get them that's driving me nuts. I have never had two kittens at the same time and I'm excited to see them in action and how they will interact with my adult male cat.

Anti-coimplaint: After thinking I had lost my DS in a black hole for the past few years I finally found it La la la la

Bonus complaint: Unfortunately one of my Pokemon games can't be read on it for some reason I don't know what happened to that game card to cause that Sad dummy 
I never thought I would come across a roleplayer as hypocritical as the one on a new site that I just started to play on. She's against canon/oc pairings and made it well known but wanted her oc to become a consort to the Shredder so she can take his power. That won't happen because that goes against the Shredder's character and if he would take a consort he would kill her once he's done with her. Yet that's okay while crazy ocs are pushing themselves on the turtles and they're going to be pairings and the players have no issues doing that.

As for canons being occ that was all the poster her Mikey was horrible verbally attacking Raph which never happens in canon. He would never attack his brother other than prank him nor is he ever distant when it came to his family like how she wrote him. That makes her a hypocrite again.

Not only that but she wrote Mikey completely ooc in that he verbally attacked his brother Raph and he was distant to his family. Yet she complained that the canons other people played were ooc when they're not.

Then a couple nights ago she decides to flounce off because she didn't like the ideas that were being put up saying hers are ignored. When in reality those plots of hers were being thought about and not agreed to that they were going to be done. And if they were going to be done they're not now because she decided to flounce publicly because of her and not anyone else.

I'm just plain amused about it because I didn't expect to come across someone that only saw things her way to the point where it's not reality. She tried to play the victim and it didn't work out to well for her.
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I did not expect to get that many pageviews at all and I've been here for over one and a half years at the most. I never really submit stuff that often or watch others for that matter. It must be all of my faves or something. Oh well it was to discover this.

Last night I saw Apoptilical or however that movie is spelled. By god it was brutal the old Mayan culture really was brutal and somewhat barbariac. Those deaths and sacrafices were creepy and the Mayans enjoyed it. Except for the people who were scaraficed and running for their lives. One woman and her son were trapped in a cave and actually survived even when it was raining. Hell the lady gave birth in that flooding cave and she and the baby lived. Yeesh what a time to give birth. The movie was good in it's own right but it creeped me out. And it was subtitled since they were speaking another language. What I found funny was that they even made up swears in that language for the movie.

Anyway it was freaking hot for the past few days. All I wanted to do was stay inside so I wouldn't melt.

Me and my sister go a Nintendo DS Lite recently. She got it for her Poke'mon while I got it for Sonic games. Sonic Rush is alot of fun and I already liked Blaze and now that I got to play her I like her even more. And I swear the special stages are so easy I got a chaos emerald on the first try. But there's no special stages for the sol emeralds. Now that I have a DS I can catch up with the handheld Sonic games. But I just know that Sonic Rush is when Amy is at her worst even though I haven't encountered her yet. And I thought her Sonic Battle self was bad with her losing weight and treating Emerl like her child since Sonic was helping him. Losing weight is a stupid decision to make if you are already in good shape. I mean come on Sonic is probally freaked out by those girls who nothing more than skelentons. And I better stop there before I get pissed.

I also have Legend of Zelda Twilight Princess for the Gamecube and it's alot of fun. My sister is in the water temple while I'm in the forest temple. My sister played more than me and figuring out how to get the cat back to its home was hard.

On the PS2 I have a sidescrolling RPG called Odin Sphere and it's fun but I sort of got stuck and I didn't save when the second chapter began. So I kinda lost the drive to play. But I'll pick it up again. Odin Sphere is also a fairly new game it came out in May earlier this year. And I can actually change the language if I want to.

Man this journal is getting long so I will stop rambling until my next entry.


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